To keep in touch with his Guru

He should be in touch with his spiritual guide from time to time. Spiritual guidance can be acquired through correspondence also. More effective than correspondence, however, is to contemplate and feel that you are forever being blessed, protected and guided. Such a communication with your Guru is more effective than any other method.

If the devotee is not careful and watchful about the above factors, he may be deprived of the expected spiritual progress or whatever he has acquired may become ineffective or come to naught.

It takes less time to eat your meal than to digest it. It takes no time to vomit it out. Similarly, it takes hardly any time to be initiated or take Deeksha. But, like the process of digestion, it takes quite sometime to be deep-rooted in your heart. By exhibiting and talking of the descended grace, the devotee in no time loses his acquired grace and spiritual power.