Sadhna Satsang

A new devotee — aspirant after being initiated should attend at least one Sadhna Satsang.

Venerable Swami Satyanandji had started the Sadhna Satsangs or retreats with the sole objective of imparting discipline and training to the devotees. These Sadhna Satsangs are a novel and unique gift of Swamiji to the devotees.

These Satsangs or retreats are organized for three to five nights where the aspirants, forgetting worldly cares and family attachments, practice spiritual practice, devotion or Sadhana. This removes all the obstacles in their spiritual progress. This is like a training school where they learn discipline, regularity, and punctuality and also learn to pray and chanting the Lord’s name. Their lives are shaped, as enshrined in Shree Bhagwad Geeta, as a person “who is regulated in diet and recreation, disciplined in the performance of work”.